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DPM Pažin: 13 July symbolises values of freedom and justice that are deeper and older than all differences in Montenegro

DPM Pažin: 13 July symbolises values of freedom and justice that are deeper and older than all differences in Montenegro
Published date: 08.07.2020 13:30 | Author: PR Service

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Throughout history, Montenegro has always advanced when its citizens gathered in chivalry and humanity, and never when they were divided by religion or nation, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin said today.

Speaking at the opening of the Round Table "13th July - the foundation of Montenegro "at the Rectorate of the University of Montenegro, DPM Pažin stressed that 13 July, as a symbol of the insatiable desire of Montenegrin citizens for freedom and justice, is a confirmation that in civil Montenegro the oldest and most important values are those that unite Montenegrin citizens of all religions and nations. "Only on such values can we build the state identity of modern Montenegro, which is deeper and older than all our differences," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

DPM Pažin emphasised that the heritage of 13 July is a great moral capital of today's Montenegro, but also a clear signpost of its future development and progress. "However, today's Montenegro is certainly worth recalling the historical misconceptions and wanderings of Montenegrin society, which were necessarily accompanied by a drift from the fundamental national values of freedom, justice and equality," he said.

He emphasised that these values were not given to Montenegro by anyone, but that Montenegrins of all religions and nations lived and died for them through the centuries. "These bright examples of chivalry and humanity oblige even today all citizens who have the values of free Montenegro at heart to resolutely oppose the current recent upheavals of dark Balkan ideologies," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

He emphasised that from the bright 13 July tradition, today's Montenegro derives its moral right to proudly take its rightful place in the community of the most advanced countries in the world. "Large part of this age-old dream has already come true. It is difficult in international relations to imagine a greater degree of unity, trust and closeness among the countries than Montenegro has achieved today with the most developed countries in the world, through NATO membership. Today, we are part of a community of free and secure countries, ready to resolutely defend each of their members, according to the all for one, one for all principle."

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed his belief that persistence in respecting the 13 July values of freedom, justice, equality and solidarity would pave the way for Montenegrin society towards full membership in the European Union, since the very idea of a united Europe is based on those same values.

"I am convinced that today's generation and future generations will be worthy guardians of Montenegro's 13 July heritage, aware that Montenegro is eternal as long as it has freedom, justice and equality of all its citizens," Pažin concluded.