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DPM Pažin: Disputes to be settled quicker and less costly, while maintaining good relations between parties

DPM Pažin: Disputes to be settled quicker and less costly, while maintaining good relations between parties
Published date: 29.06.2020 14:03 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (29 June 2020) – During the mandate of the current Government, a significant progress has been made in development of the alternative dispute resolution, thus providing Montenegrin citizens and economy with faster and inexpensive way of resolving disputes, without initiating court proceedings, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin noted. 

Chairing the third session of the Council for Encouraging and Improving the Application of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Podgorica today, Deputy Prime Minister Pažin voiced satisfaction with the positive assessments, given by the European Commission in this area in a recently published working document (Non-paper) on the state of play in the rule of law, while noting that European partners continuously recognize the progress that Montenegro is making in the development of the alternative dispute resolution system, as one of the priorities of judicial reform. 

"Developing the system of alternative, i.e. out-of-court dispute resolution, we not only help citizens and the economy to exercise their rights faster and more efficiently, and reduce the costs of proceedings, but by such actions, as a society, we affirm dialogue and compromise, preserving excellent relations between the parties," the Deputy Prime Minister noted. 

At the session of the Council, it was stated that the Programme for the Development of Alternative Dispute Resolution 2019-2021 in the past year was mostly successfully implemented, with 88.68 % degree of implementation, while for all remaining activities, measures contributing to their successful implementation, have already been taken. 

The Council also identified current challenges in the development of alternative dispute resolution and noted that after the expected adoption of the Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is in the parliamentary procedure, all necessary conditions for further progress in this important area of judicial reform will be created.

The Program on Development of Alternative Dispute Resolution 2019-2021 envisages the achievement of a total of five operational goals within the general strategic goal - Improved application of mediation and other alternative ways of resolving disputes as efficient, financially viable, sustainable and accessible manners of resolving disputes, which provide timely protection of citizens and legal entities, efficiency of the judiciary, improvement of access to justice and legal certainty for citizens.