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European Commission recognises Montenegro's contribution to strengthening regional judicial cooperation

European Commission recognises Montenegro
Published date: 16.12.2019 13:51 | Author: PR Service

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Budva, Montenegro (16 December 2019) -- The Montenegrin Government contributes to the development of regional and wider international judicial cooperation through enhancing bilateral legal assistance treaties, further harmonisation of national legislation and the strengthening of institutions, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Zoran Pažin emphasised at the opening of the Regional Forum on Judicial Cooperation, taking place in Budva on 16-17 December.

The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that the key European Commission's documents, namely the 2019 Report on Montenegro and the Working Documents on Chapters 23 and 24, recognise the Forum as a contribution to the strengthening of regional judicial cooperation in criminal, civil and commercial matters.

He pointed out that in the area of ​​judicial cooperation, the European Commission no longer recognises the shortcomings, adding that Montenegro is yet to complete an analysis of human resources and financial capacities of the bodies responsible for judicial cooperation in this area.

He particularly expressed his gratitude to the EUROL II project and IPA 2017 "Combating Serious Crime in the Western Balkans" project, funded by the European Commission, as well as to the US Embassy in Podgorica, for their contribution to the development of regional judicial cooperation.

US Ambassador to Montenegro Judy Rising Reinke noted that gatherings and conferences such as today's Regional Forum serve as platforms for strengthening informal links between judicial authorities in different countries with a view to combating organised crime. She commended the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro for hosting this conference, which gathers representatives of institutions from the Balkans and beyond who are in charge of fighting transnational criminal activities.

The 3rd Regional Forum on Judicial Cooperation, taking place in Montenegro on 16-17 December, brings together representatives of justice ministries, judicial and prosecutorial authorities of the Western Balkan countries, as well as prominent international experts and representatives of relevant international institutions.

The Regional Forum, which is the central annual event in the Western Balkan region when it comes to the topic of international judicial cooperation, is sponsored by the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, in cooperation with the International Development Law Organsation (IDLO), and with the support of IPA project "Combating Serious Crime in the Western Balkans" and the Embassy of the United States of America in Podgorica.