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DPM Pažin in Belgrade insists for Svetozar Marović to be extradited to Montenegro

DPM Pažin in Belgrade insists for Svetozar Marović to be extradited to Montenegro
Published date: 05.11.2019 16:00 | Author: PR Service

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Deputy Prime Minister for Political System, Interior and Foreign Policy Zoran Pažin insisted earlier today during the bilateral meeting with Minister of Justice of the Republic of Serbia Nela Kuburović in Belgrade, for Svetozar Marović to be extradited to Montenegro in order to serve a prison sentence on which he was legally convicted.

Although the two ministries have established close and high - quality cooperation in numerous areas, extradition of the persons who have been accused or convicted of serious criminal offences, particularly in the fight against corruption and organised crime, should only be a confirmation of strong partnership relations, the Deputy Prime Minister stated. "We must not allow any individual case to call into question other positive results in this area," Deputy Prime Minister Pažin highlighted.

The Deputy Prime Minister recalled Minister Kuburović of Montenegro’s request for extradition of this legally convicted person, addressed to the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia in April 2019, regarding which Montenegro has not received any feedback so far.

He also emphasised that prior to submitting a request for extradition, issuing an international Interpol warrant for Svetozar Marović, all the legal preconditions were created for him to be deprived of liberty in the Republic of Serbia for the purpose of his extradition to Montenegro had been fulfilled for two and a half years.