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DPM Pažin: Government will initiate stronger response of state to combating trafficking in human beings

DPM Pažin: Government will initiate stronger response of state to combating trafficking in human beings
Published date: 23.09.2019 15:23 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (23 September 2019) -- The Government of Montenegro is ready to initiate and coordinate a stronger and more resolute response by state institutions and the entire society to the problem of trafficking in human beings, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin noted at today’s thematic session of the Rule of Law Council dedicated to combating trafficking in human beings.

The Council concluded that, in addition to decisive action by the police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the courts, in order to punish perpetrators of these serious crimes, it is also necessary to provide adequate health, social and legal protection for victims of trafficking in human beings, in order for them to recover as quickly as possible from the traumas suffered and more successfully integrate into society.

The session underlined that certain forms of trafficking in human beings, such as the abuse of children for the purpose of begging and forced marriages, in addition to punitive measures, also require significant educational work with particularly vulnerable communities, in order to counteract these negative phenomena.

The Council’s members agreed that it is unacceptable that there are children in Montenegro today who, under the justification of tradition or custom, are forced to beg or marry. Deputy Prime Minister Pažin said that it is the duty of the Montenegrin society not to allow such uncivilized customs to continue to cause violations of fundamental human rights of children, undermine their dignity and to make entire communities lag behind.

It was also concluded that it is necessary to work on education of the affected communities, in which it is necessary to explain to parents that through free and accessible public services, primarily free education, the Montenegrin society offers much better life opportunities for their children than the devastating customs that destroy both their childhood and their future.

Today’s session welcomed the setting up of the Operational Team for combating trafficking in human beings, composed of representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, police and the Ministry of Justice, with an expectation that by the end of the year coordinated activities of state bodies will yield significant results in combating these serious crimes.